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No.        Description
1        Skull
4        Main Switch, Switch for Source
6        Pressing Spring, Large
8        Adjusting Bolt for Spring
10        Sealing Press Plate, Palate, Upper Jaw
20        Up Lever
22        Level Set, Pulling Pole Set
23        Pedal, Foot Board
24        Hoof, Foot Rubber
25        Pedal Base, Base
Base Complete with #24,39,26
26        Setting Nut for Level of Base
27        Standing Tube
28        Power Cord, Leading Wire
29        Wire Clip, Holder for Leading Wire

31        Bushing
32        Operating Board, Working Table
33        Bottom Cover of Skull, Cover Plate
35        Fixing for Skull
36        Cu Seat
37        Level Adjusting for Board
38        Fixing for Standing Tube
39        Adjusting for Foot Board
46        Cover Plate Support
47        Screw
48        Connector
49        Temperature Controller Cover
50        Hex Nut
51        Rubber Washer
Fiber Washer, (not shown)
52        Sealing Bar Upper  Cover Plate
53        Sealing Bar Lower Cover Plate
54        Heater, Elements
55        Sealing Bar
55C        Sealing Bar, Meshed Teflon Coated
56        Clip for Heating Element
57        Thermocouple
58        Temperature Controller
SR-T703, Digital
IL-70AD Small
Relay for IL-70AD (not shown)
IL-70EN Big, Old
IL-80EN, Big, Old
59        Insulator
60        Lower jaw
Adjusting Plate for Working Table (not shown)
Upper Pole (Level set)
Lower Pole (Level Set)
Adjusting Nut (level Set)
Insulator Tube, White Fiber