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Impulse Sealer Troubleshooting Guide

1. Listen for the Micro Switch click.
No Click: Hand Sealer-Remove part # 46 rubber feet and part # 56 bottom plate from sealer. Place sealer on its
length side so you are able to view the micro switch. Slightly bend part 3 36 micro switch lever (metal) with pliers so
that when the arm of the sealer is brought down the lever makes contact with part # 52 micro switch and a click can
be heard.
Foot Sealer -Bolt for limit switch (small bolt part # 7 must be tightened as needed too make contact with micro
switch part # 19.
Automatic Sealer A 3 ½” screw that is mounted on upper jaw part # 9 must be loosened so that it will make contact
with micro switch which is mounted on left side of hinge bracket part # 8.

2.Check for Element and /or Teflon Condition.
Broken or burned or cut: Hand, Foot & Automatic sealers Replace Teflon adhesive backed under element when cut
or burned through. Teflon Adhesives must always extend past seal area ½” on either side & bend down. This is
barrier between the metal machine and the heating element. The heating element must be intact. Place a new
element over the Teflon adhesive strip by fitting eyelet on a mounting spring hook on one end and then carefully
placing the other eyelet end on the opposite mounting spring hook. Mounting springs can flex to a shorter or longer
element by bending the spring slightly. Teflon cover should be replaced or adjusted to a non burned or cut area of
the cloth. This piece prevents the plastic bag from sticking to the sealers heating element.

3. Check Mounting Spring condition.
Burned or worn out: Try brushing mounting spring with a wire brush or steel wool to remove any residue build up.
Replace each mounting spring that is damaged. You should also have on each mounting spring a bakelite pipe.
This is made of heat resistant material.

4.Does the timer light go on or stay on. When the seal bar is in the down position?
No light activation, light activation & no heat or continuous light/heat activation when sealer is brought down for
sealing will require a new timer/PC board. For hand or Foot & Automatic Sealers- Remove screws that hold
timer/PC board. Unplug old timer/PC board and plug in new timer/PC board. Test to see if light activates. If yes
screw in timer /PC board.

5. Does the timer light go on & stay on. When you plug sealer into power source without bringing down sealer
bar? Replace the micro switch that is defective.

6. Check for Silicone Rubber condition.
Burned or worn out silicone rubber needs to be replaced. If even and equal pressure is not applied when handle or
upper jaw makes contact with the heating element then you will see a hotter area on your bag or an uneven burn
on the Teflon. Most silicone rubber can be flipped to the reverse side for additional use.

*** Each of the above steps may fix the problem with your sealer. If sealer is still not functioning, ship it
to us for an estimate of the repairs needed.

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